Heidi Fortes, Founder of Accoutrements #Cannabis Accessory Line, Discusses Products and Partnership with Lifford Cannabis Solutions – InvestorIdeas.com

Heidi Fortes, Founder of Accoutrements #Cannabis Accessory Line, Discusses Products and Partnership with Lifford Cannabis Solutions  InvestorIdeas.com

Point Roberts, WA and Delta, BC - January 23, 2019 (Investorideas.com Newswire) Investorideas.com, a leading investor news resource covering hemp and ...

Daily Wine News: How Climate Change is Impacting German Wine

The Mosel Valley. (Flickr: Megan Mallen)

German winemakers are seeing benefits from climate change, reports the New York Times. “As exceptional as 2018’s harvest looks, it’s also a sign of how much conditions have changed and are changing for the German wine industry. “We are the big winners from climate change,” said Dirk Würtz, a vintner and wine journalist. “I know it’s disgusting to say, but it’s the truth.””

Danielle Bauter share details about a Brazilian chapel made out of wine in Atlas Obscura. “The tiny chapel features an altar made with wine barrels, and the exterior is outlined with wine-red paint. But the very mortar holding the bricks of the church’s walls together is made of wine: a testament to the creativity of the local Italian immigrants when faced with a debilitating drought. Wine created a solid foundation for their building, and for their new home in the Vale dos Vinhedos.”

In Wine-Searcher, Janice Fuhrman explores how Argentina’s success with Malbec is reinvigorating the grape’s spiritual home, Cahors. “There is a new dynamism in Cahors…thanks to Argentina’s success, a smaller market among the French as they consume less wine than their parents, and a younger generation of winemakers and proprietors making their marks with modern methods.”

In Wine Enthusiast, Kara Newman looks at the rise of airport tasting rooms.

Tim Atkin celebrates the power of wine’s collective spirit. “Wine production, like a good rock band, is a team effort that begins with long hours of drudgery in the vineyard and ends with someone flogging a bottle to the end customer.”

In SevenFifty Daily, experts discuss the role of sugar in wine.

 In Sprudge Wine, Naomi Tomsky offers a guide to where to drink natural wine in Montreal.

In Medium, Alyssa Giacobbe ponders the future of wine: no corks, no vintages, and maybe no grapes.

The Italian Takeover

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Blind Burgundy Tasting

January 25, 2019 (Fri): That's right people...it's time to hold a total blind wine tasting at the shop. You won't know who the producers are, you won't know which regions they are from, you won't even know the price of the wines!! That's right, I'm going to give you a price range of what they are an[...]