Mini Reviews Are Dead! Long Live Mini Reviews!

Next Monday (or June 11, 2018, at the time of this writing), will mark the final run of the Wine Mini-Review Round-Up posts in their current incarnation here on 1WineDude.

After that date, the corresponding “broadcast-only” twitter account associated with those reviews, 1WineDudeReview, will no longer be maintained. Mini-reviews will also no longer be posted to the 1WineDude twitter account, LinkedIn, or to the 1WD account on the Book of Face.

I originally began reviewing wines on twitter (and, as far as I’m aware, I might have been the first person to do so) about a decade ago, in an attempt to both a) provide an additional outlet for an increasing number of wine samples and tastings that came my way, and b) have some fun trying to cram something pithy, meaningful, and edu-taining about a wine in 140 characters.

Over the years, it’s become increasingly difficult to maintain those reviews across multiple social media accounts, automate the reproduction of the mini-reviews on to the “traditional” blog format here (hey, twitter: “thanks” for shutting off the RSS feeds years ago… for which you can totally suck my white ass!), and try to keep all of that content within manageable numbers while also providing links to finding those wines for the curious, and dealing with the advent of twitter reducing the fun in the exercise by increasing its update character count.

After all of these years, we are just way overdue for a change-up with respect to all of the above. Like, years overdue, at this point.

Here are how things will look moving forward with respect to the whole Mini-Review thang…

  • A weekly list of short wine reviews (in Mini-Review format) will appear here on 1WD, with more direct and vintage-specific links to where the wines can be found for purchase.
  • Like all 1WD posts, a link to the article will be cross-posted to twitter, FB, etc.; but If you want ’em, you’ll need to come here to get `em!
  • I will finally be posting stuff to Instagram (probably just good old-fashioned wine recommendations, and not formal reviews).

So… hopefully this is all fairly clear, and those of you who are following the reviews at 1WineDudeReview won’t get too pissed-off (if so, refunds for your $0.00 outlay are available at any time).

In any case, there will be similar content, just probably more of it (which means more wines to talk about here!), and with extra wiggle-room on each wine for my bizarre commentary.


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“Life Goes On, Man” (The Most Popular 1WD Articles Of 2015)

“Life Goes On, Man” (The Most Popular 1WD Articles Of 2015)

Normally for these year-in-review recaps, I start by going into some details about my life over the last twelve months.

F*ck that sh*t this time. I’m focused full steam ahead on the future, baby.

If you need a summary, 2015 was the year that I gifted myself my freedom. The results are much more positive than I’d expected: while far from being perfect, generally speaking my life is great. Most importantly, my kid is doing great. And what I do for a living is still, well, great (although, from here anything else would be a pretty serious letdown, unless I could finagle a paying gig as a hammock nap tester).

So this year I am skipping the detailed recap, and getting right to the good stuff (you’re welcome!).

Here are the top ten most popular 1WD articles published in 2015, as measured by visits (if I’m utilizing my website analytic skills correctly, that is… which is a seriously sizable if)…

10) It’s Not “Hipster” If It’s Already “Mainstream” (On Delectable And The Changing Tastes Of Today’s Fine Wine Consumers)

Well… it’s not. High-acid wines are already hitting some mainstream stride, so I’m not sure that they can accurately be called “hipster” (let’s give the fine wine drinking populace more credit than that).

9) Are Wine Critics More Qualified Than Wine Bloggers?

An interesting discussion without a clear answer, mostly because the lines between “blogging” and “critic” are so fuzzy (and, I’ll wager, will remain that way for a looooong time to come).

8) On The Fine Art Of Not Giving A Sh*t (Wiegner Etna Recent Releases)

A testament to the power of a) engaging wine personalities, b) providing coverage for those winemaking regions that don’t typically get mainstream press, and c) putting obscenities into the title of your blog post.

7) Wine And Social Media: Not Just For The Tech Savvy

You know what… if you don’t get this by now, then there’s little that I or anyone else can do for you on the subject.

6) Wine Scores: Please, Wine Producers, Stop Shoving Them In My Face

In which I espouse the not-so-novel idea that, in an era where people have more freedom and outlets for expressing their opinions than ever before, we should actually let them express their opinions without trying to shove someone else’s opinion into their faces.

5) There Is No Wine Blogging

To be read in the Monty Python voice of “There is NOOOOO rule 6!” (with apologies to my Aussie friends). The ease of writing and publishing have made creating a blog post the written equivalent of taking a photo with your cell phone, regardless of topic. And, yeah, that includes wine.

4) Science Has Not Really Spoken (On The Study Of Big Flavor Wines)

Over-the-top wines are popular because you’re letting them become popular (and that’s addressed to both consumers and those in the wine biz).

3) No One “Needs” Your Wine (30 Lessons in Wine Communication)

I’m ecstatic that my little spotlight on this wine industry presentation got some decent traction; hopefully, that translates into more wine biz folks taking those points to heart.

2) Apparently “Riedel” Is Actually Pronounced “A**hole” (Glassware Company Bullies Wine Blogger)

I’ve been accused of more than one person of writing this piece to capitalize on the publicity of the legal row between Hosemaster of Wine’s Ron Washam and glass making company Riedel. To which I would answer: f*ck you, Ron’s a friend of mine and I wrote it to support him. Does that sound angry? It does? Well… ok, I need a drink…

1) Millennials Aren’t Changing Wine – Access To Information Is

It turns out that the folks who have been saying that Millennial consumers aren’t actually all that special in their buying habits might have been correct, just not in the ways that they’ve all been thinking.


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