Ashbrook Estate Verdelho: A Margaret River Discovery

When I think of Margaret River, a picturesque wine region in Western Australia, two white wines come to mind: Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon (“SBS”) blends. But bumping into a grape I most associate with Portugal, Verdelho, in this neck of the wine world? Really? Cool.

2014 Ashbrook Estate Verdelho

I first tasted this bottle at Vinyl Wine, located about eight blocks north of me. And not only did I give it a try, but also a buy. Normally I would expect a Verdelho to be on the lean side (in a favorable manner) but the Ashbrook Estate had a bit of lusciousness to it.

So if you like a white wine with a little more weight (but not from oak), this is a highly recommended bottle. Or if searingly tart whites are not your bag, it’s a Verdelho that fits the bill. A (very) happy medium in a world of white wine often defined by extremes.

Vinyl Wine happens to be on the way to a spot I’ve been hanging out at with some regularity: ABV. The beer and wine by-the-glass selection is not overwhelming but always interesting. At a neighborhood joint you don’t want to fuss and wring hands over a vast selection. Made that decision, stat! (I’ve kind of been a slave to the Loire Valley Chenin Blanc.)

How’s the food? Whether a simple plate of Kilchurn Estate English Cheddar with mustard, pickles, and crostini that’s heavenly with beer or a fancier roasted cauliflower with lemon, breadcrumbs, and a green herb/caper dressing, I am smitten with the eats. (The trout dish there is really outstanding, BTW.)

Ashbrook Estate Verdelho: A Margaret River DiscoveryAshbrook Estate Verdelho: A Margaret River Discovery

This just scratches the surface of what I’ve discovered in and around Yorkville. But the two wine shops in my neighborhood and a place to pop in for good beer, wine, and eats provide a nice snapshot of why I am settling nicely into this part of New York.

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