Finger Lakes Wine Podcast: Meet Five Wineries

I went on an extremely memorable trip to experience Finger Lakes wine in New York in October and put together this podcast that I’m tickled to share with you. As a media guest, I got to visit “Harvest House”. It was my very cool home base chock-full of fellow wine industry brethren. We split up during the day to visit (and pitch in) at wineries all over the region. Which, in itself, was awesome.

But the best part was when, each evening, we all reconvened at Harvest House, our idyllic home right on Seneca Lake, for dinner. Our crew was joined each evening by numerous winery guests. Gathering around a big ol’ table full of wine, we’d eat a bounty of local meats, cheeses, and more.

Before I sat down to one evening’s feast, I spent a few minutes with winemakers and winery owners and asked them this question: What makes the Finger Lakes so special?

Here are the folks you’ll hear answer my query:

Please have a listen to the show. And don’t forget you can get Wine Without Worry on iTunes.

Finger Lakes Wine Podcast: Get to Know 5 Wineries

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