A Loire Cabernet Franc Duo That’s a Delicious Bargain

One of my all-time favorite red wines is Loire Cabernet Franc. Well-aged, on the powerful side, or named for “drunken nights,” its savory freshness makes me swoon.

You can also find great deals on Loire Cabernet Franc made in a manner to drink right away. I (re)discovered this at a recent Loire Valley wine tasting.

Cave des Vignerons de Saumur Red and Rosé Cabernet Franc ($13 SRP)

I sold a ton of this co-op wine, particularly its Chenin Blanc, when I was working at the QFC in Seattle. The red, I had spaced a bit. These wines transported me to a happy Loire Valley place of delicious wines at great prices. The rosé, also from Cab Franc, is going to the top of my list for a case buy. Interesting to note that both come from the same parcel, Les Pouches.

Serving Loire Cabernet Franc

Of course the rosé is best well-chilled but also don’t be afraid to stick the red in the fridge for like a half hour. Especially when you’re dealing with a drink-now type of red wine. As far as glassware goes, I like to keep it informal with tumblers, juice glasses, or enamelware.

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