Ultimate Red Wine for a Party: Unlitro

Ultimate Red Wine for a Party: UnlitroWhat wine should you bring to a party? An age-old dilemma. Here is my latest crush:

2014 Ampeleia “Unlitro”

You’ve probably already figured out that it’s a big 1-liter bottle. (File under “D” for “DUH”.) So Unlitro is already the #partystarter. What’s on the inside is a light (12.5% alcohol), fresh, fun red wine. A Grenache-based wine, Unlitro hails from the Tuscan coast. I shouldn’t be surprised by how good it is since Elisabetta Foradori is one of the winery’s founders. If you haven’t tried her Teroldego,  do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars. Go directly to a wine shop and buy a bunch of bottles.

BTW, that brick wall? That’s my room in the East Village. I’ll be here until mid-January, when Brooklyn comes calling. I picked up my Unlitro for $20* at Discovery Wines, a short stroll from my place. For wine-drinking in the area, I’ve been parking myself at Fifty Paces. The food is good and the staff is chill and friendly. I’m also very fond of the steps-away, no-nonsense Sophie’s, where I spent Thanksgiving eve watching Sixteen Candles on the TV via closed captioning while random early 90s music played.

Here’s a much nicer photo of the bottle:

Ultimate Red Wine for a Party: Unlitro

Above photo by Andrea Scaramuzza. Label by Francesca Ballarini.

*Remember that this is a 1L bottle so Unlitro is 1 1/3 bottles-worth. 

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